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Meet the Staff of Central Group Inc

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Jayson - Operations

609-223-0990 - jaysoncentralgroup@gmail.com

Jayson's approach to business is with energy, innovation, and passion.  His expertise lies in listening to the customer's needs and finding something that will fit their expectations, both financially and aesthetically.  Jayson brings an abundance of passion to work every day.  He is determined to give incredible customer service to each and every customer he spends time with.  There isn't another person more qualified to assist in the car purchasing decision than Jayson.  You may contact him directly at 732-668-4960 or at the office at 609-223-0990.  Emailing him of course is another option for those whom prefer that method of communication.  

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John - Operations

732-799-8068 - johncentralgroup@gmail.com

Born and raised in Europe John speaks German and English fluently.  Having received top notch education at a business school in Boston, MA John has a passion for business and interacting with people.  John has spent the past 10 years in the Automotive Industry.  Having spent many years in various industries building and developing several businesses prior to joining Central Group Inc., John has found his home in the Automotive Industry.  If you need to contact John directly please do so at 732-799-8068 or at the office at 609-223-0990.  Emailing him is also an option for those who prefer to communicate via email.  

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